Year 6 Home Learning

Year 6 Update

Well done year 6 for getting this far! We are approaching the end of week 2 at home. I miss you all (Miss Grundy is missing class 13 too) and just wanted to check in to say I hope you are keeping busy (not just with school work) and helping around the house. Knowing how amazing you lot are, you are probably cooking, cleaning and looking after younger siblings. I hope all your bedrooms are tidy!

I thought I would just give you some ideas to help make learning fun and interesting.


  • Find out when the next suitable ISS flyby is taking place, find out about the space station and go out and observe it on a clear night when you can see it. On Sunday it was visible from my garden for nearly 5 minutes. If you google ISS TRACKER you will find out when you can next see it.
  • Make a spaghetti bridge, marble run or cardboard boat that floats.
  • Find out which paper aeroplane design works best and why then start making some designs.
  • Make a family tree and explore your ancestors or someone famous’ family background.
  • Exercise using Joe Wicks (you tube every morning at 9 am) or make up your circuit training in your garden or bedroom.
  • Read a free ABDO e-book.
  • Download Garage Band and start making some music.
  • *Remember to have an adult present when online and practise safe searching.

I will post something next week and in the meantime stay safe and keep busy.

Mr Hanvey


School Closure information for year 6


Suggested Timetable for Home Schooling for year 6

Could  pupils and parents keep checking this page regularly for updates, class work and information .

I’ve included a suggested timetable below for guidance on how the time could be used to complete some of the activities in the packs. The packs have

been distributed to pupils present on Friday 2oth March. It has also been e-mailed to parents. Don’t forget that children have Education City , Spelling Shed , and Espresso Coding (student 6839) login details. Twinkle are running a free subscription (use the code UKTWINKLHELPS)

Suggested timetable Yr 6


Daily maths live lessons

Robinwood Information Pack



letter to parents Y6

Y6 Reading Comprehension


Y6 Reading Comprehension

SPaG Coverage Grid

SPAG word mat

Sports Day SPaG Problem-Solving Mystery Game

The Mystery of the Stolen Space Suit

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