The Creative Curriculum at St. Winifred’s


The Creative Curriculum at St Winifred’s RC Primary School.

At St Winifred’s we believe in giving the children a personalised and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils, and which endeavours to nurture and teach the Roman Catholic Faith by creating an environment where the Gospel values of love, peace, truth and justice are demonstrated.
The St Winifred’s curriculum is ‘marinated’ with God’s Word, with CARITAS being central to all learning and its purpose is to explore with the children who they are, why they’re here, where they’re going. Religious Education is the core of the Core Curriculum and the “Golden Thread” is woven throughout with a focus on SMSC ( Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural ).

The creative curriculum will ensure that the National Curriculum embodies rigour and high standards, whilst creating coherence in what is taught at our school. The curriculum will ensure that all children are taught the essential knowledge and skills, and meet the year group expectations in all the subjects.
The creative curriculum is taught in 4 x blocks of 9 weeks, that are cross curricular with the exception of Religion,  Maths  Phonics/Read Write Inc  Spelling, Outdoor PE. Three of these blocks have set question titles that are SMSC linked. The children will be at the heart of creating the learning for the blocks. The final block is a whole school block that allows world themes to be explored eg Identity, Olympics etc. At the end of each block there will be a celebration of what the children have done to which the families are invited.