Governing Body

St.Winifred’s RC Primary School Governing Body Committee Membership 2019/20


Name Position Areas of Governorship Term of office Relevant business, pecuniary or material interests Governorship roles in other


Appointing body
Mr Peter Jordan Chair Resources Committee

Teaching and Learning Committee

01.11.13 – 31.10.20 None




None Diocese

Michael Quinlan

Foundation Governor Resources Committee

Teaching and Learning


01.09.16 – 31.08.20 None




None Diocese
Mr Eamonn O’Neill Foundation Governor Resources Committee


01.09.16 – 31.08.20 None



None Diocese
Adrian Knight Foundation Governor Health and Safety Committee

Safeguarding Governor

17.02.16 -16.02.20 None



None Diocese
Miss Clare Downing Vice-Chair Health and Safety Committee 01.03.17 – 28.02.21  








 None Diocese
Mrs Gerladine Wilson Parent Governor Health and Safety Committee

SEND Governor


01.04.21-01.04.24 None



None parents
Mr Colin Eaton Parent Governor  

Resources Committee


31.10.18-31.10.22 None None parents
Mrs Elizabeth Swain Staff Governor Health and Safety Committee

Resources Committee


01.09.19– 01.09.23 None None staff
Mrs Annmarie O’Dwyer  


Resources Committee

Health and Safety Committee

Teaching and Learning Committee

N/A None






None staff
Catherine Kisanji Local Authority Health and Safety Committee
VACANCY Foundation

Governor x2


Governor Support: Shonagh Camacho

Associate Members: Kate Dommett (Deputy Head),

*Associate members have no voting rights on their committees.


The Structure of our Governing Body.

Our Governing Body is divided into a number of Standing Committees, each of which has a specific focus which aims to support the school. These are:


Health and Safety Committee Members

Adrian Knight

Geraldine Wilson

Peter Jordan

Annmarie O’Dwyer

Elizabeth Swain


Resources Committee Members

Kate Dommett

Colin Eaton

Peter Jordan

Annmarie O’Dwyer

Eamonn O’Neill

Monsignor Michael Quinlan

Elizabeth Swain


Teaching and Learning Committee Members

Peter Jordan

Annmarie O’Dwyer

Monsignor Michael Quinlan

Clare Downing

Kate Dommett

The Role of the Governing Body.

The role of the Governing Body is to provide strategic input and to act as a ‘critical friend’, supporting  and also challenging the school.

Their remit includes being involved in monitoring that pupils are making progress, having responsibility for overall school budgets, and also contributing to development plans for the school.

Governors are all volunteers and at St Winifred’s we have four different type of Governor:

  • Parent Governors – they are elected by the parent body and their role is to represent the full cross-section of parental views. They need to ensure that the wellbeing of pupils is at the forefront of all decision-making.
  • Foundation Governors – these are appointed by the Bishop of Salford and their role is to uphold the school’s Catholic ethos and mission.
  • Staff Governors – in addition to the Headteacher who is a governor by virtue of their job, other members of staff are elected by their colleagues to represent their views.
  • Local Authority Support Governor – one governor represents the Local Authority, although they are not obliged to vote according to Local Authority policy

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meeting

GOVERNOR Autumn Term FGB Meeting Spring Term FGB Meeting Summer Term FGB Meeting
Clare Downing Yes Yes Yes
Colin Eaton Yes Yes No
Peter Jordan Yes Yes Yes
Catherine Kisanji Yes Yes Yes
Adrian Knight No Yes Yes
Annmarie O’Dwyer Yes Yes Yes
Eamonn O’Neill No Yes Yes
Lauren Poole (resigned Spring 2021) No
Monsignor Quinlan Yes Yes Yes
Liz Swain Yes Yes Yes
Geraldine Wilson (appointed 2021) Yes
Kate Dommett Yes Yes Yes