Family and Friends

Family & Friends of St.Winifred’s

At St. Winifred’s we place strong importance on the involvement of parents and carers in their child’s education and in the life of the school. We believe that co-operation between home and school is the key to a child’s development. Family and Friends of St.Winifred’s is a charitable organisation ran by a group of parents/carers and teachers who work together on a voluntary basis to contribute to the life of the school through fundraising, and supporting school initiatives.  Our aim is to raise as much funds as possible to enhance the education and social experiences of the children of St. Winifred’s school and to have fun along the way.
Some of the events we run each year include a Fashion Show, Summer Fair, Quiz Night, Bingo, Dinner Dance & Cake Sales.
We’re always looking for new volunteers so if you have any skills to offer, fundraising ideas, company sponsorship scheme please let us know by contacting or come along to one of our meetings, everyone is welcome.
Our current committee consists of the following members, although we do have other regular volunteers that contribute a considerable amount to our fundraising efforts:
Chair – Maria Bowens
Deputy Chair/Co-Chair – Harriet Walker
Buyer – Kelly Devine-Hayes
Secretary – Cara Waldron
Communication – Grainne Arif (shadowed by Laura McHugh and Jo Gorry)
Graphics – Tina Doyle
Treasurer – Carol Rahmani (shadowed by Katherine Leather)
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